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Are You Ready For the

remodel health SOlution?

Shift employers from overpriced, single group benefits to

more affordable, individual plans chosen by each employee.

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Follow these simple steps.

Our Goal?

a Census.

Step 01

Use our Quick Savings Estimator to calculate the
savings of your client/group

Employees on Plan:


Average Salary:


Total Monthly Premium:


Employer Contribution:


Current Plan Cost:

New Plan Estimate:

Total Savings:




Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 11.10.06 AM.png

This is what a typical

group looks like!

Step 02

Use this case study to showcase to your client how the Remodel Health Solution has tremendously helped other groups

Step 03

Use this video to help explain how the
Remodel Health Solution works

Step 04

Download a blank census and complete with your
client's employee information

Step 05

Submit a completed group census below
Submit a Census
Group's Census
Group's Current Summary of Benefits

Thanks for submitting!

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we'll run the official quote within 48 hours of a correctly completed census

We do the work... you get to be the hero

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What is the Remodel Health Software Platform?

  • 6th fastest-growing company in tech-insurance according to Inc 5000.

  • Broker Compensation: $15 PEPM. After 1000 lives enrolled: $20 PEPM

  • Software tool and support team to shift small business/employers to individual coverage (using subsidies, tax credits, HRAs) where RH then helps employers choose a monthly allowance to go towards their employees’ health benefits plans. 

  • This solution can cut healthcare costs by an average of 34% by shifting employers from over-priced, single group benefits to more affordable, individual plans chosen by each employee.

  • The Broker doesn't have to follow up with the employees for payroll, renewal, etc.

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If you have any questions, please reach out to

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